We're proud to have developed one of the most advanced and comprehensive recycling facilities in the state. We've recently added a state-of-the-art Demolition and Construction Waste Recycling Operation that can handle up-to 175 tons of waste each day - which has helped out the county goal of 50% county-wide recycling!

We are not done though! See out proposed materials recovery facility and waste to energy plant which will allow is to recycle up to 80% of incomming waste! LINK

Our recycling programs enable you to safely and easily drop off a wide variety of items, from bottles and cans to large appliances and construction and demolition waste.

Common Household Recycling Items
• We provide several recycle bins for free dropoff of plastic/glass bottles, aluminum, tin cans, plastic containers, cardboard, and newspaper

Construction and Demolition Materials
• Includes: wood, metal, and concrete

Green Waste/Wood Waste (fee applies, see below)
• Includes grass, shrubs, stumps, and other yard waste

Appliances (fee applies, see below)
• Includes: refrigerators, water heaters, washer/dryer, dishwasher, freezer

Tires (fee applies, see below)
• Includes: truck, passenger car, and farm equipment tires

Common Household Recycling Items (see above)

$5.00 per Drop Off

Green Waste/Wood Waste

$28.00 per Load/Up to 1,000 pounds (see Rates)

Appliance with Freon

$25.00 (see Rates)

Mattress/Couch(1 set or Unit w/load)

$12/each $20.00/set (see Rates)

Television or Computer Monitor

FREE –HHW Disposal


Passenger Car Tire


Passenger Car Tire (on rim)


Truck Tire (under 12.00 x 24)


Truck Tire (on rim)


Truck Tire (over 12.00 x 24)


TV/Computer Monitor (no limit)

FREE –HHW Disposal