Residential & Curbside Waste
• Includes: food scraps, paper, plastic, small metallic items, glass
• Bulky furniture items: couches, chairs, and mattresses
• Appliances including refrigerators and water heaters (are recycled)

Commercial & Industrial Waste
• Office wastes including paper and plastic
• Restaurant wastes
• Manufacturing business wastes including non-recyclable papers, plastics and metals
• Other amounts of paper, non-recyclable cardboard, wood, construction debris, metals and landscaping discards generated by public and commercial establishments

Demolition/Construction Waste
Come check out CGL's 175-ton-per-day demo and construction waste facility!

• Includes: wood, metal, paper, roofing materials, concrete, metal, and plastic
• Non-friable asbestos (call office)

Brush, Yard & Wood Waste - Recycled
• Includes: wood, yard trimmings, and garden waste

Used Tires - Recycled
• Includes: truck, passenger car, and farm equipment tires

Household Hazardous Waste (IWMA Facility)
• Includes: paints, liquids, oil, solvents, gasoline, TV/computer monitors, or spray cans
• Household hazardous waste is accepted by the IWMA’s household hazardous waste (HHW) Collection Unit, a specially designated area, open during specific hours

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